Information about all the 50 US States

                           STATE ANIMALS

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Alabama state horse:
Alabama state mammal:

racking horse
black bear

Alaska state land mammal:
Alaska state marine mammal:

bowhead whale

Arizona state mammal:


Arkansas state mammal:

white-tailed deer

California state animal:
California state marine mammal:

grizzly bear
gray whale

Colorado state animal:

Rocky Mt. bighorn sheep

Connecticut state animal:

sperm whale

Delaware state marine animal:*

horseshoe crab*

Florida state animal:
Florida state marine mammal:
Florida state saltwater mammal:

Florida panther

Georgia state marine mammal:

right whale

Hawaii state mammal:
Hawaii state marine mammal:

Hawaiian monk seal
Humpback whale

Idaho state horse:


Illinois state animal:

white-tailed deer





Kansas state animal:

American buffalo

Kentucky state wild game animal:
Kentucky state horse:

gray squirrel

Louisiana state dog:
Louisiana state mammal:

Catahoula leopard dog
black bear

Maine state animal:
Maine state cat:

Maine coon cat

Maryland state cat:
Maryland state dog:
Maryland state horse:

calico cat
Chesapeake Bay retriever

Massachusetts state dog:
Massachusetts state cat:
Massachusetts state horse:
Massachusetts state marine mammal:

Boston terrier
tabby cat
morgan horse
right whale

Michigan state game mammal:

white-tailed deer



Mississippi state land mammal 1:
Mississippi state land mammal 2:
Mississippi state water mammal:

white-tailed deer
red fox
bottle-nosed dolphin

Missouri state animal:
Missouri state aquatic animal:*
Missouri state horse:

Missouri mule
Missouri fox trotting horse

Montana state animal:

grizzly bear

Nebraska state mammal:

white-tailed deer

Nevada state animal:

desert bighorn sheep

New Hampshire state animal:

white-tailed deer

New Jersey state animal:


New Mexico state animal:

black bear

New York state animal:


North Carolina state dog:
North Carolina state mammal:

Plott hound
gray squirrel

North Dakota state honorary equine:

Nokota horse

Ohio state animal:

white-tailed deer

Oklahoma state animal:
Oklahoma state game animal:
Oklahoma state furbearer animal:
Oklahoma state flying mammal:

white-tailed deer
Mexican free-tailed bat

Oregon state animal:


Pennsylvania state animal:
Pennsylvania state dog:

white-tailed deer
great dane

Rhode state Island


South Carolina state animal:
South Carolina state dog:

white-tailed deer
boykin spaniel

South Dakota state animal:


Tennessee state wild animal:
Tennessee state horse:

Tennessee walking horse

Texas state dog:
Texas state flying mammal:
Texas state large mammal:
Texas state small mammal:

blue Lacy
Mexican free-tailed bat
Texas Longhorn
nine-banded armadillo

Utah state animal:

Rocky Mountain elk

Vermont state animal:
Vermont state fossil:

Morgan horse
white whale (beluga)

Virginia state bat:
Virginia state dog:

Virginia big-eared bat
American fox hound

Washington state marine mammal:

orca whale

West Virginia state animal:

black bear

Wisconsin state animal:
Wisconsin state domestic animal:
Wisconsin state wild animal
Wisconsin state dog:

dairy cow
white-tailed deer
American water spaniel

Wyoming mammal:


* the Delaware horseshoe crab and Missouri paddlefish are not mammals (of course), but are included here because they are designated official state animals (they are also on the state fish & water life symbols list).